As a leader, have you invested time into your employeesTechnology is all around us and at its best, it can help us be more efficient, productive, and collaborative. For many, technologies lead to confusion and increased pressure while others quickly adopt them into their practice and revel in the usefulness of the tools.  

Either type of employee benefits from quality time to learn and practice increasing their professional knowledge of technology and applying the benefits to their career. As a leader or employer, have you invested the time in your staff to achieve maximum results? Many staff are curious to learn more and do more, that’s why taking time to make sure everyone has had a chance to take part in quality technology professional learning is so important. 

Delving into computers, devices, online resources, and software that are used daily collectively benefits our productivity and efficiency. There are also many long-term organizational benefits of professional learning. 

Benefits to Staff, Teams, and Organizations 

  • Relieves Stress 
  • Retention of Employees 
  • Teams Become More Productive 
  • Communication Is More Effective 
  • Creates a Culture of Continued Growth 
  • Increases Understanding and Motivation 

Professional Learning Activities to Consider 

  • Planning Sessions to Understand Needs 
  • Development of a Strategic Plan 
  • Coaching 
  • Job Embedded Instruction
  • Customized Trainings and Workshops 
  • Individual and Small Group Sessions
  • Virtual Group Learning and Self-Paced Learning 

This is why CES, Cooperative Educational Services, has partnered with Staples and NCCE, Northwest Council for Computer Education, to provide customizable learning opportunities centered around technology. Often, there are many funding sources that may apply, especially in the educational setting, such as Title I, Title II, Title IV, and IDEA.   

We look forward to working together to promote learning, innovation, and growth within your organization. | @NCCE_EdTech | @sdavenport931 

Shannon Davenport, Director of Professional Learning  

Shannon Davenport


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