Please join NCCE staff and professional learning specialists at the TCEA Conference & Exposition starting MONDAY in the Big D!

Be sure to check out these presentations from NCCE professional learning specialists and staff!

Monday, 2/7, 11:30 AMRoom Ballroom C2Kelly Williams, Shannon DavenportEnergize your classroom with Minecraft EDU
Monday, 2/7, 12:00 PMRoom D168Heather WenzlerTrack Your Students’ Fluency with the New Reading Progress in Teams Assignments
Monday, 2/7, 1:00 PMRoom D166Scott BrickerAssessment Doesn’t Have to Mean Grading
Monday, 2/7, 2:30 PMRoom C155Scott BrickerMicrosoft Teams: Beyond Your Classroom Walls
Tuesday, 2/8, 9:00 AMRoom D222Troy KuhnTech Tok: One-Minute Video PD by Teachers and Students
Tuesday, 2/8, 11:30 PMRoom D174Heather WenzlerMicrosoft’s Inclusive Education Learning Tools: Accessibility in Learning
Tuesday, 2/8, 12:00 PMOnlineJim EkrutFluency and Comprehension: Leveling the Learning Field with Microsoft Immersive Reader
Tuesday, 2/8, 4:00 PMRoom Ballroom C2Scott BrickerBuilding a future-ready mindset
Wednesday, 2/9, 10:00 AMRoom Ballroom C2Heather WenzlerMicrosoft inclusive education learning tools
Wednesday, 2/9, 8:00 AMRoom D168Scott BrickerI’m All “a-Twitter” with Social Media for Teaching
Wednesday, 2/9, 10:00 AMRoom D158Scott BrickerBuilding Efficiency in Your School with Microsoft Power Automate
Thursday, 2/10, 8:00 AMRoom C146Victoria ThompsonChoosing Resources and Platforms to Promote Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-racism
Thursday, 2/10, 9:30 AMOnlineJim EkrutGoogle Arts and Culture: Inspiration, Information, Education, All Free!

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