We are happy to announce a new Friday feature on the Tech Savvy Teacher blog – Keep Kids Coding! We are honored and privileged to be working with the amazing Kiki Prottsman to bring you this weekly feature. As you will remember from our Hour of Code feature with Kiki last month, she is a big advocate for keeping kids coding year round. We couldn’t agree more and our shared passion for children coding was the catalyst for this feature. Each week we will feature a site from Kiki’s own CSisfun.com website, which provides educators a single repository to the best coding resources on the internet. Kiki’s YouTube channel KikivsIT will be adding an overview of the featured site with her guidance on the best ways to use the site with your classroom!

You may wonder: Why start with Typing? Well Kiki answers those questions and more in our first edition of Keep Kids Coding


Have questions about how to implement this in your classroom, ask us your question in the comments section below!

Interested in working with Kiki? Join us at NCCE 2015 in Portland, Oregon March 18-20! Kiki will be at the Gaming/Coding Summit, one of the Make your Future Summits at NCCE 2015!

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