The Zoombinis have finally made there way to touch screens! You may remember these blue creatures if you taught or were a student in the 90’s. Zoombinis is a logic based puzzle game where you have to move the creatures, each with distinct attributes, through puzzles while avoiding the evil Bloats. Deciding how to use the distinct attributes of the Zoombinis to make it through each challenge is the key to this puzzle game. If you are looking to add a logic based puzzle game to your list of apps for students, this deserves a look:

Only you can deliver the Zoombinis from the clutches of the evil Bloats, who have seized control of Zoombini Isle! Guiding the Zoombinis to their new home will require your best creative and logical thinking, as the way ahead is perilous.

Solve fun and challenging puzzles and explore a strange land packed with memorable and quirky characters. Playing Zoombinis teaches and reinforces valuable life skills, including deductive reasoning, pattern recognition, hypothesis testing, and more.

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