keynoteConferences can be overwhelming.  Usually in a good way with the burst of new ideas, energetic people, and inspiring stories.  The other side is trying to process all the new knowledge, keeping new resources straight, and battling brain overload.  One of the ways NCCE is here to help is by offering a one stop shop for all those resources and in turn new knowledge.  The conference wiki contains all of the resources used in the summits, workshops, and sessions.  Presenter contact information and social footprint are also included.  This should help calm some of the anxiety some experience by feverishly taking notes during a summit, workshop, or session.  By making the resources available you can focus on processing the information, building connections, and spend your time thinking about how your new knowledge can be implemented in YOUR classroom.  I challenge conference attendees with this task: 90% of the notes you take should be about how your new knowledge will enhance YOUR classroom/school/district.  Then, using the wiki in combination with your notes, you have a roadmap for enhancing your job!  I am looking forward to connecting, learning, sharing, and having fun with all of you – let’s have a great NCCE 2014!

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