We are excited to feature Benson Kwok, an Instructional Technology Coordinator at Glendale Unified School District, in California and a Microsoft Innovative Educator! Benson’s day job has him working closely with the IT department to meet technology instructional goals and oversees its implementation for a culturally diverse population comprised of 31 Schools, over 2,620 employees and 27,000 students in grades Kindergarten through 12. Benson will be joining NCCE community at this years conference in Seattle!

BensonCollageName: Benson Kwok

Location: Los Angeles, California

Current job(s): Instructional Technology Coordinator, Glendale Unified School District

Current computer: Surface Pro 3

Current mobile device(s): Samsung S6 Edge, iPhone 6

One word that best describes how you teach or work: Activator

  1. What apps/software/tools can you not live without?

Number one on my list is definitely OneNote. It keeps me organized and allows me to collaborate via digital notebooks with my colleagues.  I save time by not having to search through my entire cloud storage to retrieve a single item. All the files that I use most often are easily accessible and organized in a way that make sense. I use the OneNote and the OneNote app to manage travel, district business, staff meetings and professional development without needing to be connected in order to be productive. Paired with OneNote Class and Staff Notebooks, OneNote is a must have for all educators as it cultivates collaboration! My other favorite apps are Sunrise Calendar for all my appointments, Office Lens as a pocket scanner, Flipboard and the ESPN app for all my news.

  1. Other than your phone and computer, what gadget can you not live without?

Microsoft Band 2 – It tracks my runs, bike rides and other physical activities. My favorite feature is its ability to download an entire workout plan. It then guides you through the exercise sessions. I also enjoy my Kindle Fire for reading and media.

  1. What browser do you use regularly?

I like  Microsoft Edge –  Its simple, clean and fast.  I especially enjoy the reading view and being able to ink directly on websites then sharing those notes.

  1. What is your workspace/classroom like?

I prefer not to sit at a desk all day. I often make site visits and  utilize my motorized stand up/sit down desk. My office has room to comfortably fit 6 people for collaboration.

Benson Office

  1. What is your favorite avenue to connect with social media?

Twitter is a such a great platform for communication and learning from educators. It is simple, effective and I like being able to connect with like-minded people. I enjoy being a part of a network and I’m able to gain and share resources I want, when I want it.  @bensonk49

  1. When you are not living the glamorous work life, what do you like to do in your spare time for fun?

I enjoy being outdoors and being active. My favorite activities are playing ice hockey, bike riding and hiking with my puppy, Hanna.

  1. As a tech-savvy teacher, what everyday thing do you feel you excel with/at versus other teachers/administrators/mentors?

I feel like my confidence empowers people and my presence reassures them that they are ready and capable of tackling assignments and playing key positions on a team. I think of myself as a human spark plug, inspiring and energizing colleagues or students to dedicate themselves to a task. I can typically stir people’s enthusiasm with my cheerful exuberance for life and share my joy in ways that energize those around me.

  1. What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchmen, the prequel to To Kill a Mockingbird. I also have George R.R. Martin A Storm of Swords, book number three in the Game of Thrones series on Audio.

  1. What fantastic tech-savvy educator would you like to refer to us?

Jennifer Mitchell – Campus Instructional Technology Specialist at Lamar CISD, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert – From Houston, Texas:  Twitter: @jenemitchell

Any parting thoughts you would like to share with our readers?

If you can think it, you can make it happen. Be inspired by the future and what it could be and strive to create the experiences you desire. Spend time creating innovative ideas about what will be possible in the months, years, or decades to come.

Join Benson at these sessions at NCCE 2016!


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