Our members are weaving the threads of education every day with people of all ages across the country. They are involved in improving lives and the overall well-being of our communities. With over 4000 members strong, NCCE would like to introduce you to a few peers. Every month we will take a snapshot of active NCCE members and find out what they are doing to make a difference in technology education.

In it Together: NCCE Members Making a Difference

Learn more about the leadership and members who contribute to Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE).

Chad Asay and CTE Teacher

Alpine School District

Member since March 2016 (Yeah I am a noob)

Share with us – what is one new initiative you are working on in your district?

As one of the few teachers in my district certified to teach computer programming I am leading a cohort effort under the direction of our District Career and Technical Education department to train 1-2 teachers in every school and certify them to teach an introductory programming class. I am also working with the State IT specialist to get teachers trained in Microsoft’s Creative Coding through Games and Apps.

What is one strategy you use to have a more productive workday?

I really tend to be unproductive when left to my own devices so this is a very important one for me. I try to make sure that I am involved with enough worthwhile projects that I rarely have an excuse to waste time during the workday. I usually tell myself that I can read something or play a game after I finish the items on my must have done today list and more often than not the workday ends pretty close to when my l complete my list and I have been productive the whole day.

Name one thing your “mama always told you”?

My Mother is one of the sweetest most genuinely kind people I have ever met. She has always told me that kindness is the most important trait to foster in my life. I strive to live my life with that in mind.

When you “unplug” – what do you like to do?

I have a very addictive type personality. When I want to escape I generally turn to books. I have to be careful though because when involved in a great book everything else in my life takes a back seat…sleep…food…hygiene…everything, so even though I read a lot, I save the books I know are going to be serious page turners for the evening and on weekends when other duties are not as pressing.

Where was your last training for NCCE?

Since the deadline for this submission is April 29th, my first training concluded April 28th in Redmond Washington. I had the opportunity to meet and work with 7 other NCCE veteran trainers there and train them on delivering Microsoft’s CCGA training to teachers. In addition to our trainers there were numerous other trainers from various companies. CCGA is my current passion and I feel it has the ability to change the face of CS education worldwide.

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