Microsoft announced this week that OneNote, the note-taking and information-gathering application, is now available for free on all platforms, including the newly-released OSX version.

The news was met with a positive response from Mac users, vaulting the application to the top of the Mac App store.

As you may know, the Tech-Savvy Teachers are devoted Evernote fans.  We presented twice on the topic at NCCE 2014 in Seattle, and have covered the software a number of times on the blog.

However, with this new, value-priced edition to the marketplace, OneNote seems positioned to become a value alternative to Evernote.  OneNote is as cross-platform as Evernote, available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.  OneNote integrates well with the Microsoft suite of tools, still the dominate player in office software across all platforms.  For teachers in districts with a heavy Microsoft preference, this might be an easier sell than allowing installation of a third party application (although, to be clear, there is practically no risk in adopting and using Evernote!).

Mike and I are keeping a close eye on this platform and have started looking at some of our recommendations and training materials to see if OneNote can stand up to the incredible function of the Evernote platform.  Stay tuned.  🙂

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