Education is at the forefront of innovation, and the NCCE 2024 Conference is bringing together thought leaders, educators, and professionals for a series of impactful summits. These events promise to equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the evolving education landscape. 

Let’s delve into the key summits awaiting you at NCCE 2024:


  1. IT Cybersecurity Summit

Date and Time: Wednesday, February 14, 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm


As the frequency of cybersecurity attacks on schools continues to rise alarmingly, educational institutions face tremendous pressure to safeguard student data and maintain uninterrupted learning environments. Compounding the challenge is the fact that existing cybersecurity standards are intricate, expensive, and not tailored for the unique needs of the education sector. 


In response to this pressing issue, a collaborative effort by forward-thinking education organizations and K-12 leaders led to the establishment of the Cybersecurity Coalition for Education. This coalition has actively developed specialized tools designed to empower school system leaders in addressing cybersecurity threats effectively.


Participants will explore:


  • New Cybersecurity Tools: Learn about NIST-informed tools designed specifically for education.
  • Rubric for Evaluation: Understand the rubric measuring cybersecurity effectiveness against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
  • Strategy for Improvement: Develop a strategy for improvement based on assessment results.
  • Certification Opportunities: Access the Certified Cybersecurity Rubric Evaluator (CCRE) program.


  1. Future Ready Librarians Summit

Date and Time: Wednesday, February 14, 8 am – 11:50 am


Librarians play a vital role in shaping 21st-century skills, and the Future Ready Librarians Summit is designed to empower them as catalysts for change. Discover how collaborative efforts with the entire school community can not only enrich learning experiences but also ignite creativity, amplify student voices, foster empathy and kindness, and, above all, inject an element of fun into education. This summit is a unique opportunity to delve into the transformative power librarians wield in shaping a dynamic and forward-thinking educational environment.


Highlights include:


  • Collaboration and Leadership: Librarians will discover how collaboration and leadership can enhance learning.
  • Tailored Innovation: Explore ways to tailor collaboration and leadership to fit unique community environments.
  • Interactive Sessions: Bring your own device (BYOD) for engaging interactive sessions.


  1. Building the Pipeline with CTE Opportunities

Date and Time: Wednesday, February 14, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Embark on an enlightening journey with us as Career Technical Education (CTE) undergoes dynamic evolution in response to the changing world. Join our summit to delve into inspiring insights, essential strategies, and innovative approaches crucial for a thriving CTE program in today’s educational landscape. This immersive experience will cover contemporary topics, including the integration of AI in the CTE Classroom and the creation of robust student organizations. Additionally, engage in a panel discussion featuring business and industry partners, fostering opportunities and connections that are integral to the success of CTE initiatives. 


Sessions cover:


  • AI in the CTE Classroom: Discover how AI bridges the gap between the classroom and the workforce.
  • Create a Robust CTSO: Gain insights into creating dynamic learning environments through CTSOs.
  • Conversation with Industry Partners: Shape the future workforce through a discussion with industry partners.


  1. Leading with Intention for Innovative, Sustainable Change (Leadership Summit)

Date and Time: Wednesday, February 14, 8 am – 11:50 am


In the contemporary educational landscape, school, and district leaders encounter unprecedented challenges. Escalating costs, insufficient funding, and mounting political pressures compel leaders to navigate a perpetual cycle of achieving more with diminishing resources each passing year. Concurrently, the swift pace of technological advancements heralds the imminent era of workplace automation, driven notably by artificial intelligence. This transformative force is poised to reshape the professional landscape that our students will step into upon graduation.


Participants will:


  • Leverage the Future Ready Framework as a foundation for innovative change;
  • Take part in a variety of culture-building activities that they can bring back to their school and district teams;
  • Begin to shift professional practices to support innovation and sustainability across the curriculum;
  • Understand the latest research and emerging practices that support digital learning innovation;
  • Explore and discuss the role of artificial intelligence as part of the K-12 experience;
  • Utilize a problem-solving protocol to collaboratively navigate current challenges and build a network with like-minded educators who support empowerment and leadership.


In addition to these insightful summits, NCCE 2024 offers workshops and group discussion opportunities. Teachers seeking continuing education should mark their calendars for this conference in Seattle. Register now for NCCE 2024 or visit our website for more information and participate in this transformative educational experience. Don’t miss the chance to shape the future of education!


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