Diane MarshNCCE has an unbelievable team of individuals from WA, MT, OR, ID and beyond, working and supporting our members. Starting this month, we are going to take a minute to get to know a few of them.

Full name

Lori Diane Marsh

Professional Title

NCCE Board Member/Retired Montana Teacher

School District or Organization

Retired from Columbia Falls School District, MT

What state are you from?


Highlight a memorable event or person from a past NCCE event that reminded you of what NCCE represents.

One memorable event that reminds me of what NCCE represents is the moment when I was presented with the Technology Teacher of the Year Award in 2020. This recognition was a pivotal point in my career, and helps me to remember what NCCE represents – a community of educators dedicated to promoting and celebrating excellence in technology and teaching. It was a humbling experience to be acknowledged by such an amazing group of educators, including Mike, Jason, Shannon, Sally, and Heidi.

The support and inspiration I continue to receive from the NCCE community have helped shape my career and my commitment to advancing education.

Please describe the reason you joined the NCCE board of directors.

I joined the NCCE Board of Directors because of the impact that the organization had on my career as an educator and my personal growth. NCCE has been an invaluable resource, providing me with support and opportunities for professional development.. Through the conferences and the connections I made, I have experienced significant growth in my teaching practices and I owe a lot to NCCE for making me a better teacher. My decision to join the board was driven by my need to give back to NCCE to ensure other teachers have the opportunity to grow and learn as I have.

How many years have you been an involved member of NCCE?

Seven Years

What are you looking forward to in Seattle at NCCE24?

I’m looking forward to all the exciting opportunities in Seattle at NCCE24 when it comes to networking and sharing knowledge, especially with my colleagues from Montana.

Please share something you learned from being part of the NCCE community.

One of the most important lessons I learned from being part of the NCCE community is the significance of embracing innovation and technology in teaching.


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