Rena ClarkNCCE has an unbelievable team of individuals from WA, MT, OR, ID and beyond, working and supporting our members. This months featured board member is Rena Clark.

Full name

Rena Clark

Professional Title

STEM Facilitator and Digital Learning Expert

School District or Organization

Renton School District

What state are you from?


Highlight a memorable event or person from a past NCCE event that reminded you of what NCCE represents.

My favorite event was NCCE Maker Camp in 2017. It took place in 2017 at the Pack Forest Conference Center in Eatonville, Washington. It was a two-day program that provided hands on experiences and introductions to a variety of Maker tools, resources, activities, and support/strategies for putting ideas into action. However, like with most memorable experiences, the best part was all of the amazing people! Amazing people coming together to share ideas, knowledge, and a passion for educating our young people through the use of 21st century technology!

Please describe the reason you joined the NCCE board of directors.

I have been a long-time member of NCCE and have had the opportunity to present at the NCCE conference several times. Again, the best part of NCCE is the connections we make with other educators and amazing passionate people that are willing to share their knowledge, experience, and passion. I had the luxury of knowing several of the board members and they inspired me to join the team.

How many years have you been an involved member of NCCE?

I believe it has been around eight years since I attended my first NCCE conference…and then I was hooked.

Please share something you learned from being part of the NCCE community.

Educators are awesome and they make a difference!

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