img_5100Our members are weaving the threads of education every day with people of all ages across the country. They are involved in improving lives and the overall well-being of our communities. With over 4000 members strong, NCCE would like to introduce you to a few peers. Every month we will take a snapshot of active NCCE members and find out what they are doing to make a difference in technology education.


NAME and TITLE: Christopher Rossetta Grants Pass High School CTE Instructor Computer Science Teacher

SCHOOL DISTRICT: Grants Pass School District #7

NCCE MEMBER SINCE: Let’s see, I believe I first joined in 1997, absent for several years and then rejoined in 2015.

Share with us – what is one new initiative you are working on in your district?

I am currently working on building a full Computer Science Program where I’ve recently added AP Computer Science and have 4 other CS courses that include Game Programming and Mobile App Development. This semester we are learning to program in LUA in Minecraft EDU. I also have spent the past 3 years working with elementary and middle schools to bring coding to the classrooms through hour of code and one on one visits at kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms.

In my spare time I coach boys and girls basketball and track at the middle school.

I also serve in the Grants Pass Active Club where we fundraise each year and give back to the youth in our community.

What is one strategy you use to have a more productive workday?

Honestly, greeting each student by name as they walk through the door. They know I know they are here and have high expectations for them to work diligently on their projects. They are on task and more productive which in turn helps me teach, facilitate and check off the “side work” I have throughout the day.

Name one thing your “mama always told you”?

Error on the side of compassion with your students! This means, to me, to always have compassion for my students as the subject I teach is not near as important as the student standing in front of me. This resonates in my daily interaction with kids. They know I care about them and teaching programming is just my current way of interacting with students. Both mom and dad were teachers and have passed on many lessons that help me build rapport with my students.

When you “unplug” – what do you like to do?

I love spending time with my 5 and 8 year old more than this old body can handle. You’ll find us at Duck Games at the beach or just playing a game of whiffle ball in the back yard.

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