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NCCE is on the road at TechFest South this week. Follow along on social media as NCCE Professional Learning Specialists Greg Bagby and Erin Downey share their expertise.

Greg Bagby

Greg BagbyI will be presenting on using AI beyond ChatGPT as well as how to create effective tech teams for your school, district, or classroom.

With so many AI tools out there in numbers growing by the day ChatGPT was the standard but now we can go beyond.

As for tech teams, hear how access to professional development, stakeholder engagement, innovation, and cost effectiveness are only a few reasons why we should invest in them.

Erin Downey

Erin DowneyErin Downey, Techfest presenter from Boise, Idaho says, “I am so excited to be talking with district leaders about how to lead the AI conversation with their departments and teachers! Helping educators adjust to changes in technology and ways of thinking and knowing has always been in the wheelhouse of librarians.” In their job as the consulting librarian for Boise School District, they have years of experience helping students, librarians, and teachers navigate the changing information landscape. “I am looking forward to engaging outside my school district and sharing strategies we can all use to understand how AI might impact classroom instruction.”

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