Wow! Can you believe that the NCCE conference is under one week away?!? This year’s conference is full of amazing sessions, workshops, and experiences. We are so excited to be back in Seattle for our 49th NCCE conference! Our tech-savvy team wanted to put together some helpful tips as we approach next week.

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First Timers Meeting

Are you a first timer to the NCCE conference or do you know someone that is attending for the first time? If so, make sure they attend the First Timers Meeting Wednesday, March 4th from 8:30 am –9:20 am in the Tahoma 2 room. Jason and I will be their to make sure you are all set for the conference and may even be giving away some prizes!

Friendly faces holding HELP signs

Throughout the conference you will see people holding Help signs. They are great resources to help you find a location, connect you with others if you need something, or be your new best friend. Be sure to use them and feel free to strike up a conversation!


If you are planning on attending a Summit, make sure you have pre-registered as every Summit requires paid pre-registration. Once in the room, get ready for an epic learning experience! Our summits are great opportunities to meet new educators and build your skills in a collaborative environment. If you haven’t registered yet, move quickly as seating is limited!


Both Academies are free to join, but you will need to add them to your registration if you plan on attending. If you are interested in learning more about InTune or Minecraft Education Edition, plan your Wednesday around these academies!


There is still availability in many of the workshops at NCCE 2020. Make sure to register for your workshops as soon as possible. If you find a workshop that is full you can still  join the “no ticket” line outside of each workshop at the conference. That way if not every ticket holder shows up, the ticket taker will let in as many “no ticket” attendees as there is room available.


Make sure the session is working for you. Feel free to move about if a session is not meeting your needs. If you find a session is filling up fast make sure to fill in seats in the middle so that the maximum amount of attendees can participate.


NCCE 2020 has two amazing keynotes this year! Make sure you arrive early so you can grab a great seat! Our opening keynote is Thursday, March 5th from 9:00 am – 10:20 am featuring Hamish Brewer. The closing keynote is Friday, March 6th 9:00 am–10:20 featuring Tammy Dunbar.

Vendor Floor

Make sure to spend some time on the vendor floor! We have a wonderfully diverse group of vendors that have something for everyone. Additionally, plan some time for the Tech-Savvy Exploratorium. The exploratorium gives you an opportunity to get hands on with the latest Ed Tech tools and hardware!


The official hashtag for the conference is #NCCE2020 If you are not on Twitter, a conference is a great time to set up an account because the hashtag provides a record of all the learning and resources around the conference. Here is a great resource from Wired on getting started on Twitter.

In the Halls

We hear over and over that one of the things that makes NCCE great is the opportunity to talk with other educators in the hall about the learning, sessions, workshops, trends, and themes. Put yourself out there and strike up a conversation with others in the hall and see where your learning can go….

We look forward to seeing you!

PS – Information on the conference app will be posted tomorrow!

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