Discovery Education continues to add new content to their impressive content library to supplement your classroom lessons. While this is a subscription based service we know many of our followers are using this resource. If you do have access to this content repository and it has slipped off your radar recently, it is definitely worth another look. Discovery Education has updated their entire interface and is working to update content partners as well as refreshing older content.

The January focus at Discovery Education is Storytelling. Below are some highlights for our elementary and middle school teachers!

The Fable Cottage

Grades K-2, 3-5

We added more classics to our Fable Cottage Channel! Students can now enjoy Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, and the Three Billy Goats Gruff—via standard reading passages or audiobooks!

The Fable Cottage breathes new life into traditional tales as they are lovingly retold in modern language. Nearly all stories are available in audiobook, reading passage, or video format, ensuring there’s something for every learner.

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FUTURE U. by Boeing

Grades 6-12

FUTURE U. provides educators the tools they need to inspire their students to use creativity, collaboration, persistence, and problem-solving skills to change and improve their world. Gear toward students in grades 6-12, FUTURE U. uses hands-on, experiential learning to ignite excitement and inspire today’s learners to become

tomorrow’s innovators.

Check out the new Testing the Limits Virtual Field Trip and Educator Companion Guide to get started with these compelling resources from Boeing. Take students behind-the-scenes at Boeing test centers across the U.S., where engineers are pushing the boundaries of aerospace to create the innovative products and systems of the future.

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Grades 3-5

Discover the wonders of grammar with our new content partner Grammaropolis! Browse dozens of resources for grades 3-5, including Punctuation.?! and The Colon: The Great Organizer.

Through a combination of music videos and vignettes, Grammaropolis helps students learn about grammar concepts with engaging visuals and storytelling. In this imaginative metropolis, punctuation and parts of speech are personified based on the roles they play in a sentence. This helps build foundations for success as students learn to draw critical connections to grammar through dozens of memorable videos and songs using characters that align with core concepts.

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