We are pleased to release a new tool from the NCCE Tech-Savvy Teachers, the NCCE Chromebook App List!

The list will always be at this short link:


One of the hurdles for teachers adopting Chromebooks in their classroom is finding alternatives to software they previously used on their Windows or Mac desktops or laptops, or even their iPads. While the there will be more options as ChromeOS allows installation of Android apps, that feature is not reliably available out of the box on most new Chromebooks as of July 2017, and almost no older Chromebooks.

This list is a mixture of Chrome extensions, Chrome Apps, and web-based tools that help drive productivity, production, and creativity. All of these tools have been tested by our team on both newer and older Chromebooks and are 100% compatible based on our experiences.

This list is maintained by Jason Neiffer and Mike Agostinelli, the NCCE Tech-Savvy Teachers. Both are Chromebook and Chromebox users, and regularly support thousands of student and teacher ChromeOS users as part of their day jobs.

We intend this list to be a living document and will change and adapt over time. We would love your input, suggestions, or corrections! Hit us up on Twitter, @techsavvyteach and @mikegusto, or, email us!

As with any list you find on the Internet, you should research and carefully vet any tool in detail with your technology staff before adopting in your classroom, school, or district. Also, we have focused primarily on functionality with these recommendations and have not completed a detailed analysis of compatibility with specific devices, data privacy policies, FERPA, CIPA, COPPA, etc.

Please share this list with others, and please let us know of additional resources we can add to this resource!

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