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We look forward to another great year of sharing Tech Savvy Tips, Tricks and Resources with all of you. The entire NCCE team looks forward to being a year long partner in education with you. We are kicking off the year with some new resources from PBS Learning Media! If you have any websites or technologies you would like us to explore and discuss, please drop us a line and we will add it to the que.

Have a great year everyone!

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Favorite Lesson Plans from PBS Learning!

Benjamin Franklin: Writer, Inventor, and Founding Father | American Icons | Lesson Plan | Grades 3-7
At the height of the Age of Enlightenment, Benjamin Franklin accomplished great works in countless fields including science, politics, and media, becoming one of America’s most prolific Founding Fathers. Through two primary source activities and a short video, this lesson plan will help your students understand how Franklin used his talent in writing and printing to share his ideas and help shape the world. View Lesson Plan


Math + Arts: Shapes into Sculptures | KET | Lesson Plan | Grades PreK-1
Get creative with this blend of math and arts activities! This lesson will help students identify 2 and 3-dimensional shapes as well as create shape drawings and sculptures. View Lesson Plan
The Role of Women in As You Like It | Shakespeare Uncovered | Lesson Plan | Grades 9-12
In this lesson from Shakespeare Uncovered, students will explore the role of women in William Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like ItView Lesson Plan
Design and Build a Tangle-Free Headphone Holder | WGBH | Lesson Plan | Grades 5-8
In this lesson plan, students follow the engineering design process to build a tool that stores headphones for a portable devices, such as an MP3 player, without wires getting tangled. View Lesson Plan


Don’t Miss PBSSpotlight Education Week
This special week of primetime programming is designed to spotlight the influencers, icons, and issues impacting the 21st century classroom. Programs will include eleven films and documentaries on local PBS stations fromSeptember 12-17 (check your local listings). Learn More
PBS Education’s 50 for 50 Contest
Students in grades 6-12 are invited to write an open letter to the 2016 presidential candidates with ideas on how to improve the effectiveness of government. Two winners, one in middle school and one in high school, will win a trip to attend the final presidential debate in Las Vegas! Learn More
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