The board is comprised of 10 representatives from Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington who oversee the organization’s policies and procedures and bylaws. The board also participates in NCCE’s annual conference and the development of professional learning across the country. The 2020 election results include:

Higher Education Representative

David WicksIncumbent Dr. David Wicks, Chair of the Digital Education Leadership Graduate program at Seattle Pacific University, will be serving his second two-year term. “I am running for a second term as Higher Education Rep for the NCCE Board of Directors because I believe in NCCE’s vision to lead, engage, and assist educational communities to reach higher levels of student and educator success through the use of 21st-century technology. I enjoy collaborating with the NCCE staff and other board members to advance digital learning initiatives in the Pacific Northwest and around the world,” stated Dr. David Wicks.

Elementary Level Representative

Brian PahlIncumbent Brian Pahl M.Ed., Sunnyland Elementary School Educational Technology Instructional Coach, will be serving his second two-year term. “This is a wonderful organization that opened my eyes to the power of meaningful technology integration early in my teaching career. Attendance at NCCE conferences and trainings over the years has been an incredibly valuable asset to my teaching practice. It’s not just the skills, resources, and approaches I’ve learned; it’s the people at NCCE I’ve connected with who have helped me grow and improve. Serving on the Board is a way to give back to the organization and the people who have meant so much to me,” stated Pahl.

At-Large Representative

janet averyJanet Avery, Jerome School District Curriculum/Professional Development Director, will start a two-year term. “Technology can be a catalyst that transforms learning experiences and connects students with opportunities to discover, inquire, play, and find others with the same passions. NCCE’s vision is to provide innovative professional learning experiences-this is something I strive for always,” said Avery.

At-Large Representative

juan lozanoJuan Lozano, Highline Public Schools Computer Science teacher, will start a two-year term. “As a champion of equity and my belief in providing all students with equitable access to CS education, I feel I can lend my voice and experience at the K-12 level to the NCCE board to help carry out the mission and vision of NCCE. I am a strong believer in NCCE’s mission of developing and providing innovative professional learning opportunities to empower teachers to meet the needs of all of their students,” stated Lozano.

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