With Common Core and its associated exams putting laser focus on reading in the classroom like never before, there is a growing debate on the role of technology and our prolific digital devices on our reading skill and the brain.

I am incredibly interested in this topic as it relates to a growing movement in K-12 schools.  With districts moving towards digital materials, either in the DIY playlist format or with the assistance of traditional publishers, students aren’t universal in their support and often prefer the old-fashioned alternative in print.

For better or for worse, digital reading is different than its analog counterpart.  The ability to quickly shift topics and follow leads (have you ever been caught in a Wikipedia trap? :)) makes the reading event different.

New Tech City takes on this topic and looks at the impact of our digital devices on reading.  The results are fascinating: our brains may be changing to compensate for the way information is presented to us with digital devices, but, there may be impact in our ability to read deeply (Common Core, anyone?).

Listen here:


The ‘Bi-literate’ Brain: The Key to Reading in a Sea of Screens from New Tech City, WNYC

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