What could you do for two dollars?  That is a question Julien asked himself four years ago in the sixth grade.  His answer: He wants to change the world.  Many people, young and old, have big ideas that fade overtime, but not Julien.  He is a great example of how social media can give students a global voice.  As a middle school student, Julien founded the Archimedes Alliance to do his part to fight world hunger.

Where did the Archimedes Alliance come from? A 13-year-old boy saw a world filled with hunger, poverty and disease and he wanted to change it, but he didn’t have a million dollars lying around. And he knew there were other 13-year-olds like him. And 30-year-olds. And 83-year-olds. And he was inspired by Archimedes, the Greek philosopher and mathematician who said, “give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I can move the Earth.”  The Archimedes Alliance is that place to stand. You are the lever. Together, we will move the Earth.

Last year Julien spoke at the TEDx conference in Portland about the power of social media to create change:

Giving students an opportunity to find there voice on the global stage is so important.  Do they have to start a charity? No, but even just showing students that there is more to social media then videos of cats, video game cheats, and epic fails sets students on a path to do more with social media.

Support Julien at www.archimedesalliance.com

Who knows, you might just help him change the world.

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