As the school year rapidly comes to a close, now is an excellent time to take some small steps to prep your students to hit the ground running in the fall with Google Chrome. If your district does not use Google Apps for Education, this processes will still work as long as your students have a Google account. If you are curious about exploring Google Apps for Education, start here.

Setting your Students up with Google Sync for Chrome

Setting up tech workflows for students are a great way to teach efficient use of technology, but students often struggle when they change computer because “It doesn’t look the same”. Google Sync for Chrome allows your extensions, settings, and bookmarks to be be synced to any chrome browser. By setting your students up with Google Sync for Chrome, regardless of the computer, their Chrome tools will all be just as they left them so they can focus on learning and not setting up their browser.

The process if quick and easy. First, access your Google Chrome settings as shown below:



Now click the Sign in to Chrome button:



Now have your students use their GAFE account or regular Google Account to login



That is all there is to it! Now in the fall students can return and login into Google Chrome and any extensions, bookmarks, or settings will be ready to go.

In upcoming weeks I will be focusing on Google Extensions to extend your students toolset within Chrome!


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