Agostinelli HeadshotWe are pleased to reintroduce you to Mike Agostinelli, NCCE’s Tech-Savvy Teacher!  Mike has worked with NCCE since 2013 to provide social media support, YouTube and video support to our worldwide training force, and excellent conference presentations at NCCE.  Mike dropped by the NCCE studios recently to talk about the tools he uses daily as a tech-savvy teacher!

Name: Mike Agostinelli

Location: Missoula, MT

Current job(s) and your role with NCCE: Instructional Program Coordinator for Montana Digital Academy, and NCCE’s Tech-Savvy Teacher-in-Residence

Current computer: iMac Retina 5K, Macbook Air, Chromebook x360

Current mobile device(s): Iphone 7 Plus

One word that best describes how you teach or work: Scrupulous

Show us a screenshot of your mobile device’s home screen.


iPhone Homescreen Screen Shot

Click on image for more detail.

Share with us a time when you failed in your teaching or learning pursuits. How did you persevere? 

I fail every day, that’s how I gauge if I am pushing myself. If I am not failing that triggers my internal alarm that I need to step up.

What is your favorite organizational tip, app or advice?

Inbox zero for my work email is a strategy that keeps me on my game and always responsive. You can learn about the concept more here.

For those of you that are thinking, “I just looked at Mike’s iPhone screen and it says 159,222 emails?!?!?!?!?!” That is my personal email…. And I don’t use the inbox zero on that account 🙂

What browser do you use regularly?

Google Chrome. There are other browsers?

What is your best time-saving trick?

Text expansion is one of my keys to saving time. In my job at Montana Digital Academy, I have a lot of email to process each day. If it wasn’t for text expansion I would never be able to do my job as effectively. My Text expander of choice is Type it for Me.

What is your favorite avenue to connect with social media?

Twitter (@mikegusto) is a great platform to connect and learn from others. There are so many talented educators sharing ideas and resources on Twitter. I make it a habit to spend 10-15 min a day looking and saving posts to stay fresh on the latest learning and technology trends.

What is the best teaching advice you have received?

You may have answered a question a thousand times, but when a student asks it, it is (usually) their first time. Treat every human interaction as if it were your first, it will make you more patient and kind.

Also, kids do dumb stuff, that makes them kids. Part of being a kid is making dumb mistakes. Mistakes are the pathway to understanding.

What are you currently reading?

The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of those who survived the Great American Dust Bowl by  Timothy Egan. This is such an amazing read! I highly recommend it.

What fantastic tech-savvy educator would you like to refer to us?

There is this Jason Neiffer guy who is decent.  [Editor’s Note: Stay tuned!]

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