Happy New Year everyone! 2017 should be a great year of learning, sharing, and collaborating at NCCE! Before you know it educators from the Northwest will come together at NCCE 2017 in Portland, Oregon in March. Until then, your Tech Savvy Teachers look forward to bringing you fresh content, resources, and ideas that help you in your classroom. To start off our friends at PBS Learning Media have some great New Year’s resolutions that I hope you find useful!

Improvement Starts From Within

Take some time to teach your students about making resolutions this year to not only improve themselves, but also others.
Resolution #1: Improve Your Environment
Want to help the environment? Learn what you can do to decrease your carbon footprint and help the planet cool down. This resource introduces alternative methods, such as, public transportation and energy efficient light bulbs.  Discover More


Resolution #2: Improve Your School
Bullying Lesson Plan | Grades: 2-13+
Explore a way to help your students understand why anti-bullying is important. This lesson plan exhibits a short and powerful activity to help students understand the effects of bullying. Discover More
Resolution #3: Improve Your Health
Healthy Eating | Grades: K-12
Healthy eating is a challenge when everyone is on the go. Learn how some students tackle healthy eating problems and then share what they know with their communities. Discover More
Resolution #4: Improve Your Schoolwork
PBS LearningMedia Tools | Grades: PreK – 12
Learn about an easier way to create engaging student assignments, personalize learning, and track student progress with the PBS LearningMedia Tools. Discover More


Are you a PBS Digital Innovator?
PBS Digital Innovators are PreK-12 educators that are not defined by the gadgets they use, but by the unique way they approach education. Apply now to become a PBS Digital Innovator! Learn More


PBS TeacherLine Offers Flexible, Online Professional Development
Make enrolling in a PBS TeacherLine course one of your New Years Resolutions for 2017. PBS Teacherline has facilitated and self-paced courses to check off your professional development box in the new year! Enroll Now
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