deannagoogleBe Google-ready wherever you are…

Super charge your face to face and remote learning using Google Classroom

Be ready no matter the learning environment – We’ve got you covered.

This fall, be prepared by knowing how to successfully master all of the Google Classroom resources and enhance your teaching in just six weeks.

  1. Set up a virtual learning space to facilitate interactive lessons
  2. Learn best practices for your virtual classroom
  3. Create interactive lessons, activities, and assessments

This 6 week class starts August 3


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Please contact our Director of E-learning, Michael Higley, if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Groups of 5 or more receive a group discount of 20% OFF using this registration link
  • Bulk discounts for large school districts available.
  • Discounts for small and impoverished schools/districts available.
  • University Credit available.
  • Clock Hours available.
  • Montana OPI Units available.

Meet Deanna

Meet Deanna

My name is Deanna Horsens and I am a middle school teacher, Google for Education Certified Trainer, and G Suite Admin at Florence-Carlton Schools. I serve on the district technology committee while managing the Google Suite for Education account. I also lead the STEAM program and coach the FCS LEGO Robotics team.

Join me for this 6 week class as I share entertaining stories of success, some epic fails, and teacher-created materials to help you get your online classroom up and running smoothly.

I’ll be demonstrating digital tools that can help you:

  • Differentiate instructions to reach every student on-site or remotely
  • Effectively and efficiently set up a virtual learning space to facilitate interactive lessons and personal experiences for your students, parents/guardians, and colleagues
  • Understand best practices of online management and organization of a virtual classroom while creating interactive lessons, activities, and assessments

My years of experience can help you navigate the upcoming challenges that we are all facing as educators. Join me! And let’s explore these tools together to create the best learning environment possible for your students!

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