Tried of the same old presentation styles and format? Head over the Microsoft Office Sway and get creative. Sway takes away the bells and whistles (and all those special effects that kids just love) and creates an environment that makes content the star of the show.

The simple format starts the creator off with a blank canvas to add images, video, text, and ideas. Build a presentation to show as you speak (think Ted Talk format) or a stand-alone message that your audience can browse on their own. You can import images directly from your OneDrive account or device, or use the embedded Bing image search feature to find online content. You can also connect to social media resources for more inspirational additions to add to your presentation.

Since Sway is cloud-based, you can use it on all of your devices and share it with just a few clicks. Sways can also be embedded onto your blog or classroom website to share with your students, colleagues, and parents.

Sway is still in preview mode, but the trial version has been opened up to everyone. You’ll find that you can also access all OneDrive and Office 365 features with one click in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Sway is a powerful addition to the online Office family and worth checking out. More templates and features are being added, so check back to see how else you can sway your audience with this new tool from Microsoft. I created one to share my love for OneNote; you can view it here:

Get started with Sway at today.


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