Jason and I are headed to Atlanta to attend and share to the NCCE community everything we encounter.  Be ready for many posts on sessions, vendors, equipment, and anything else we encounter during the week.  As always follow @NCCE_Edtech on Twitter to get even more information about our experience at ISTE. In addition to following us, ISTE has a great program entitled “ISTE Live”!  ISTE Live let’s you access many great sessions as they happen.

Participate virtually in ISTE 2014, including our Monday keynote and 20 of our most popular sessions — all live!

  • Choose from five concurrent sessions at each timeslot.
  • Interact with presenters, conference attendees, and other ISTE Live participants via moderated chat.
  • Actively engage in post-session presenter interviews exclusively available to ISTE Live participants.
  • Receive on-demand access to archived recordings of all ISTE Live sessions, plus approximately 50 additional recorded sessions only available to registered onsite and virtual conference attendees.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot now!

Cost: $199 ($219 after May 1) — includes access to recorded archive of all ISTE Live sessions, plus additional video-on-demand (VOD) sessions for six months.

Schedule: Monday, June 30

9-10:15 a.m. ET Keynote Session
(to be announced)
10:45-11:45 a.m. ET The digital natives are restless 2.0: Captivating web tools[Interactive Lecture]
Reuben Hoffman
Synchronous collaboration on iPads and Android devices[Snapshot]
Cathie Norris and Elliot Soloway
Transmedia storytelling for teaching math [Snapshot]
Jean Crawford and Jeanne Paratore
TIME (tools, integration, models, engagement) for technology coaches [Interactive Lecture]
Jana Craig Hare and Amber Rowland
Classroom gymnastics: Using Edmodo and BYOD to blend and flip classrooms [BYOD]
Kate Baker and Elizabeth Calderwood
iStart to iFinish: Creating student-centered iPad lessons [BYOD]
Kristy Andre
12:30-1:30 p.m. ET Thank you Mr. Gutenberg but we’ve moved on [Panel]
Christine DiPaulo and Chris Penny
Taming the e-book monsters: Managing a successful district virtual library [Lecture]
Lisa Perez
Tech that! Extending students’ digital environment into the classroom [Lecture]
Robert Craven
Cloud-based maps engage students from anywhere on any device [BYOD]
Anita Palmer and Roger Palmer
Using infographics to develop visual literacy skills [BYOD]
Shriley Farrell and Margaret Rice
2:15-3:15 p.m. ET Young teachers and their first-year journey with 1:1 iPads[Lecture]
Heather Blake and Kate Dye
Finding your voice with media in the iPad classroom [Interactive Lecture]
Sam Gliksman
The reflective teacher’s tips and tools for guiding PBL [Lecture]
Susie Boss and Jane Krauss
What do you mean there’s no notebook? [BYOD]
Chris Stephenson
iPadeology: Staff and student resources for iPad deployment[BYOD]
Helene Davitz and Candace Marcotte
4-5 p.m. ET The PBL and flipped learning connection [Lecture]
Michael Gorman and Anita Harris
Enhancing student engagement by infusing social media with course content [Interactive Lecture]
Jennifer Alexiou-Ray, Andrew Battista, Tammy Cook and Cassie Raulston
ISTE Ignite Sessions
(to be announced)
Cinematic storytelling wth iPads and iPhones [BYOD]
Michael Hernandez
Flipping the Google Apps classroom With Chromebooks and Nexus tablets [BYOD]
Jennifer Lowton and Jennifer Middaugh
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