With one of the worst travel days of the year coming up this week, tech-savvy teachers will be asking their cell phones to work beyond their typical work day.  How do you keep your phones up and running when they are running low on juice?  We have two quick strategies to share.

First, the tech-savvy teachers always put a rechargeable battery pack in their go bags.  They are inexpensive, portable, and can be useful in a jam.  We like these two battery packs:  The Zilu Smart Power Portable Charger and the Anker Astro Ultra Charger.  Both have enough juice in one charge to refill even large phones more than once and you can also power up an iPad or other tablet along with it.  You can match this with a short cable for your iPhone or Android phone for a wonderfully portable power system on the go!

Second, you should understand how your phone works.  Some applications are incredibly draining on your battery and a couple of quick tweaks when your battery is running low before the end of your day can mean squeezing out additional hours when needed.  We like turning off Bluetooth or wifi, or turning down the screen brightness.  There is an excellent article from the Guardian that can walk you through this for your phone… using two or three of these strategies in a pinch can really make a difference.

Travel safe this holiday weekend!  Good luck keeping your devices charged up and working right!

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