This Wednesday marks our first #NCCEchat. Our goal is to connect with members on a monthly basis and chat about all things edtech. New to Twitter chats? Let me explain how one works. Here are 5 steps to having a good Twitter chat experience.

Step 1 – Find a chat. Our chat is #NCCEchat and takes place on the last Wednesday of each month (7 p.m. PST). You can also find a comprehensive schedule of educational chats on Jerry Blumengarten’s (@cybraryman1) website.

Step 2 – Select a platform. Some chats provide an environment for tweeting, whereas most let you use your own app or preferred site. I’m a big fan of Tweetdeck and Nurph. Both require your standard Twitter account and will give you an easy platform for following the chat. I would not recommend using the standard Twitter page or app on your mobile device – it’s too hard to follow! I’ll be using Nurph to record our chat, but will most likely interact in the Tweetdeck environment.

  • What’s easy: go to Nurph, sign in, and follow along.

Step 3 – Alert your audience. You may want to let your followers know you will be particularly active that evening. A simple “For the next hour, I will be participating in a Twitter chat and tweeting frequently. Follow me at [insert hashtag] or join the conversation!” You don’t really have to do this, but courtesy is always nice.

Step 4 – Follow the format. Our chat will use the Q1/A1 format. When I ask a question, I will begin with “Q1” in my tweet. Then, whoever answers that question, will start with “A1” as their response. “Q2” is next, with “A2” starting any replies. And on it goes. Most chats have 5 questions, but there is no real rule – it’s up to the moderator. And always make sure you include the chat’s hashtag with each tweet. Nurph (and other platforms) will do this for you automatically.

Step 5 – Tweet, learn, and contribute. Be active in the chat. Answer the questions, share your thoughts, and have fun. This is a great way to find new people to follow and make professional connections. I’ve learned so much by participating in #Tlchat and many others this last year. They really are fun and a good way to get new ideas and share your thinking.

Don’t forget to join us Wednesday, April 29 at 7 p.m. PST for our first #NCCEchat.

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