Join us at NCCE 2018 and learn how to Unleash STEM for all students at the STEM for All Movement Summit Wednesday, February 14th from 1:00 pm–5:00 pm. Traditionally, STEM, 21st century skills, & Maker-Spaces have been viewed as subjects areas & environments for only the Gifted &/or more advanced students. In this session, we will challenge that notion & build upon how it is paramount that these 21st century skills be utilized and accessed by all students (from special needs to struggling, from struggling to bubble kid, from bubble kid to proficient, from proficient to advanced). All students in 2017-18 are consumers of STEM at some level…thus all students deserve to be producers.


  • Attendees will be able to walk away able to use techniques, tactics, and procedures for establishing an authentic STEM 21st century environment for all
  • Attendees will be able to extend learned and previously learned knowledge into new and dynamic context
  • Attendees will be able to explain, analyze, and use 21st century skills (collaboration, communication, & creativity, and critical thinking) to participate in STEM activities.

Summit Overview:

Part One – STEM TPP’s & Philosophy (1 hr)
* What is STEM
* What is “Authentic STEM”
* What is a Maker-Space
* TTP’s & Equations For Success (MESA, AVID, CS50 & Interdisciplinary connections)
* What skills, tools, & information is required to create a STEM environment or Maker-Space
* From project and problem based instruction to authentic STEM instruction
* How to empower, innovate, and engage STEM in high level tasks & environments
* Creating a culturally relevant & responsive environment
* Taking your class beyond the walls (going global)
* Why

Part Two – TASK & ACTIVITY: PLANNING & BUILDING (Phase One – 45 min)
Participants will be teaming and participating in a Live & authentic problem based STEM project that will include communicating and collaborating with students via technology. This section is only the first phase of the build and the second part will happen later on in the session – surely a DO NOT MISS!

Part Three – Hello (Building, Institutional, &) World (45 min)
* How to get started
* Over coming funding and systemic problems
* Mindset, culture, and empowering staff
* Roles of a 21st century Administrator
* Empowering teacher leaders
* Team

Part Four – Instruction (45 min)
* STEM – what are we doing, where are we at, & where do we go?
* Creating authentic & effective teams with purpose and ownership
* Breaking down thoughts, conceptions, and structure of instruction
* High yield strategies – how to get the intentional outcomes you want
* Social-emotional considerations for STEM instruction

Part Five – TASK & ACTIVITY – OUTCOMES (Phase Two – 30 min)
During this section, participants will use outcomes from their collaborative work with the students to help them finish their design task. Then participants will conduct initial tests and evaluate their success. Lastly, they will share the product outcomes with others.



Part Six – Closure, Networking, and Q&A
* Resources
* Questions
* Answers
* Next Steps

Presented by:

Kelly Foster
Paul Gerbshak
Natasha Johnson
Shaun Martin
Phillip Schmitt, Gray Middle School
Kim Williams
Jennifer Zisette

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