NCCE 2018 is here! We are so excited you could join us for 3 days of learning and building connections. We want this conference to be a great experience for you. Here is the vital information you need to be a Tech-Savvy attendee at #NCCE18:


Stay up-to-date with NCCE 18 on the go. You will be able to use the app to view the program schedule, get updates from NCCE, and see other conference information. Download the NCCE 18 app for either iOS or Android devices.


Join the Tech-Savvy Teachers, Mike and Jason, to collaborate and engage with other NCCE members and the ed-tech community. You can join at and receive the blog right in your inbox.


NCCE 2018 will offer wireless internet to attendees throughout session and workshop rooms in the convention center. For everyone to enjoy the wireless connection we ask that attendees use shared bandwidth responsibly.

  • Do not create MiFi or personal hotspots
  • All personal hotspots will be turned off by conference staff
  • Streaming will be monitored and limited

Connect to: NCCE18Attend
Password: Attend2018lock


If you will be attending a workshop or session in the Chromebook lab, be sure to have a GOOGLE account before the beginning of the conference.


Workshop attendance is included in your conference registration fees. Workshop pre-registration is recommended but not required. However, since workshop space is limited, we encourage attendees to pre-register.

The 5-Minute Rule for Workshops

In order to accommodate all workshop participants, the five-minute rule will apply. Those that have pre-registered for any workshop must arrive at least five minutes prior to the start of the workshop. If not, the seat will be opened to waiting attendees. Those who did not pre-register for a workshop are encouraged to participate in workshops where space is still available.

Check the Workshop Availability list

Reaccess your registration to add a workshop
(You will need your last name and confirmation #)

Visit the Conference Program Search for full details!


Attendees that need a certificate of attendance can complete an online form and their certificate will be emailed to them. The link to the online form will be posted on the conference website after the conference.


Connect with your peers, presenters, featured speakers, and keynote speakers on social media while you’re at the conference! Share your experiences with us on Twitter and InstaGram.

The official NCCE 2018 hashtags are:


Dan will be in the Exhibit hall attendee lounge Friday from 1:00-1:30PM for a book signing. Copies of What Unites Us will be available for purchase in the membership booth during the conference. You may also bring your own copy to be signed if you do not want to purchase the book on-site. Note: A limited number of copies will be available for purchase onsite.

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