Welcome to the NCCE Blog, featuring the NCCE Tech-Savvy Teachers!

This blog’s purpose is to share, collaborate, and engage with the NCCE and greater Ed Tech community.  As the Tech-Savvy Teachers-in-residence, Mike and I will be your guides through this site.  We will have weekly posts covering current Educational Technology trends, how-to’s, reviews of hardware/software/apps, and our interviews with Tech Savvy Teachers from around the country.  Through NCCE’s vast network of educators we will be introducing a continuous stream of guest bloggers to share their experiences and add even more value to this blog.

We are always looking for teachers that are teaching in a tech-savvy way.  Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and G+ and share your questions, thoughts, and experiences.  We will be featuring tech-savvy teachers from around the country to learn their approaches, challenges, and innovations.  This blog is really about the collective knowledge of many to move instruction forward.

We are honored to have this role and and look forward to collaborative learning!


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