[YouTube Thursday is a series featuring our favorite educational channels on YouTube.  We believe in the power of video, produced by professionals, teachers and students alike!]

I was recently doing some reading and research on the phenomenon of Internet trolls to help support a presentation I am working on about facilitating positive communication in digital learning environments. [Side note: Don’t know what a troll is? Wikipedia has you covered.  I use this specific article with every college social media and educational technology class I have taught as inspiration for discussion about this behavior.]  I ran into this fascinating video about “trolls” that hand around the comment sections of many newspapers and news sites:


(Seriously… watch this whole video.  It is good.)

This video is part of the excellent web series BrainCraft, which is now produced by PBS Digital Studios.  The videos are short form videos covering topics related to psychology and neuroscience with an just enough polish to be very watchable without losing the engaging edge of independently produced content.  With only 37,000 subscribers, the channel hasn’t exploded into the subscription stratosphere but appears to have more stability with its association with PBS.

Here are some excellent examples from the library:

Is Google Killing Your Memory? (Spoiler: It’s complicated. 🙂

Sleep Drunkenness Explained


All in all, these are excellent videos for those teaching psychology, biology or those looking to inspire conversations with your students about their brains.

BrainCraft via YouTube

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