[YouTube Thursday is a series featuring our favorite educational channels on YouTube.  We believe in the power of video, produced by professionals, teachers and students alike!]

This week, we focus on an excellent YouTube channel, Numberphile, which is available across many social media channels and, of course, on YouTube.  Supported by Mathematical Science Research Institute, the channel features videos produced by very prominent and scholarly voices, mostly from across the pond.  However, while PhDs in physics and nanoscience might strike up images of the most popular stereotypical teacher of all time,

…these videos are anything but stale.  Each of these videos takes a common every day approach to a problem, like cutting a cake, and considers the topic in mathematical terms.

What I love about this channel is that it isn’t over produced, but still manages to keep its charm despite the mathematically correct approach to problems, like this video which helps users pick a good toilet a crowded music festival:

With dozens of videos and approaching 100 million views, it is certainly worth a look.  Enjoy!

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