[YouTube Thursday is a series featuring our favorite educational channels on YouTube.  We believe in the power of video, produced by professionals, teachers and students alike!]

I was recently referred to this video on YouTube, which takes the slow-motion video trend in mobile video and applies it to dropping a cat.  That’s right… dropping a cat:

This sounds potentially worse than it is… he is using GiGi, the stunt cat (or so he says 🙂 ) and appears to have done his research.  In the end, he takes this fairly amazing slow motion video and applies the laws of physics to determine why.

This is one of the most watched videos on the SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel, where Destin “explores the world using science.”  The videos are short, pedagogically sound and entertaining in an understated way.  There are over 120 videos covering a range of science topics.

Some of my favorites:

4th of July Fireworks Chemistry

Slow Motion Jellyfish Stinging (careful… creepy needle imagery… 🙂 )

and AK-47 underwater at slow motion!

There is a fun “maker” aspect to the videos and provides some interesting “how to” backstories on the setup.  While the videos maintain a nice, informal tone, there is high production value so you can focus just on the content.

 SmarterEveryDay via YouTube


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