Among the many things Google is famous for, they are widely known for their corporate culture.  Whether it is their data-driven commitment to employee happiness, amazing employee food options, or stunning take on office design, Google treats their employees with incredible respect.

Part of that commitment is providing education and inspiration to their employees by bringing in interesting speakers and thought leaders with their “Talks at Google” series.  Unlike the buttermilk fried chicken served in the mess hall, everyone has access to the Talks at Google via their amazing YouTube channel!

Google has been posting video there for almost a decade, and the diversity of the archive is stunning, including:

…talks with famous thinkers and creators

…talks with doctors and scientists that propose interesting and provocative things:

…talks about entrepreneurship and startups:

…and even videos that challenge teachers and education:


Google has posted an amazing website that organizes the videos by topic, or of course, you can just wonder around the YouTube channel.  In either case, there is endless fodder here for inspiration, project or topic introduction, or providing rich content for personalization.  Have fun!

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