[YouTube Thursday is a series featuring our favorite educational channels on YouTube.  We believe in the power of video, produced by professionals, teachers and students alike!]

I was recently looking for a video to show my wife that had made the viral rounds… the infamous “what happens of you boil a bottle of soda” video.  (For the record, it is disgusting, as this will show you.  And… what is happening there is real… I tried it with a two liter bottle of Pepsi and was totally grossed out!).  Hidden in the search results was this video channel, “Grant Thompson – the King of Random.”  I am not sure if it is the dead pan delivery, or the almost science-but-sometimes-just-disgusting videos but I was immediately hooked.

Here are some favorites:

There are a lot of videos are are listed as “survival skills,” and my favorite is the video how to start a fire with a bottle of water:

..or these quick tips:

I would describe the videos as part irreverence, part science and part dry-delivery entertainment.  In any case they are amusing… and a bit educational.

Random, indeed.

Grant Thompson – the King of Random via YouTube

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