automator-5121Today’s post is a gift for Mac users that follow our blog.  Have you ever had a bunch of picture you needed converted to .jpeg format?  If so, I have small program that will take a folder of different picture files and automatically convert them all to .jpeg file and build a folder on your desktop to put them all in.  I used a program on the Mac called Automator.  If you like tinkering with things, Automator is a fun way to make some basic tasks automatic.  This is a great program to show students.  Share the link above with them and set them loose.  If you just want the function of converting many picture files at once into the .jpeg format, download the Automator program to your desktop.  Once downloaded and unzipped, you just need to drag the folder of pictures you would like to convert to the Automator icon and the rest will happen, well, automatically.


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