Good morning from the Tech-Savvy Teachers!  We want to start our your week with a bit of technology inspiration.  We are big fans of David Allen’s excellent book and organizational philosophy: Getting Things Done.  If you haven’t read the book, the $8.44 you will spend for the Kindle version (or, buy a used copy for just 1 cent!) is the best money you will spend to inspire the development of workflows and, as Allen says it, “stress free productivity.”

In this week’s episode of the excellent Mac Power Users podcast from 5 by 5, David Sparks and Katie Floyd talk with Mr. Allen on technology and productivity, including a nuts-and-bolts look at his own technology-dominated systems for getting things done.

The discussion is obviously iOS and Apple-focused, however, the information on technology applies across the technology universe.

This is great fodder to start the week.  Have a good one!

219: Getting Things Done with David Allen via Mac Power Users

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