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Math formula’s are one of the more difficult things to translate online. Using a graphic of a formula works if you are instructing, but what about students submitting a formula online? If you are teaching sixth grade math or beyond you will want to check out the Wiris Math Editor.

WIRIS editor is a visual editor (WYSIWYG) that allows inserting mathematical formulas in web pages. Also including handwriting math as an input method. It runs on any browser, including the ones in tablet PCs, as is based on HTML4 and JavaScript technology. Plus it is of course 100% compliant with HTML5. Components for integration in your own Mobile or Tablet APP are also available.

Wiris supports the most popular Learning Management Systems and many other protocols to integrate this product into your online classroom environment:


Additionally, Wiris has a fully featured demo for you to test out this powerful tool for yourself:

Let us know how Wiris works for you in our comment section below!

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