The Tech-Savvy Teachers LOVE trying new apps!  However, despite our strong belief that many apps are underpriced, risking the development of future apps, apps that are discounted or temporarily free can be a great way to built your library without rocking your wallet.

There are dozens of apps and web pages that track discounted or free apps, however, our favorite is the daily post from the team at Gawker Media, hosted on their Kinja platform.  Daily, the Commerce Team pours through apps on sale or free apps and posts them in one handy location.

For example, on Tuesday of this week, there was four free iOS (including this beautiful stargazing app!) apps and two free Android apps that were worth over $15 dollars combined.

I check every day.  This allows me to explore different apps each day and keep on with the cutting edge of apps in all platforms.

Happy hunting!

App Deals via Kinja

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