Embarking on the educational journey of NCCE 2024 promises an exhilarating experience for all attendees, offering a unique opportunity to glean insights from remarkable speakers at the forefront of educational innovation. Among the esteemed figures gracing this event is Dr. John Pauls, an instructional designer and professor from Jacksonville, Florida. With a dynamic career spanning various educational roles and a fervent commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional instruction, Dr. Pauls is set to captivate audiences with his wealth of knowledge and passion for transformative learning.

Meet Dr. John Pauls


Dr. John Pauls brings a rich and diverse background to the educational landscape. A parent, special education teacher, school-based administrator, and district educational-technology administrator, he is currently serving as a Professional Learning Specialist with NCCE.


“Passionate about thinking outside of the box when designing instruction, I bring a diverse background to impact learning outcomes for all.” 

– Dr. John Pauls


Instructional Design Expertise:

As an instructional designer, Dr. Pauls showcases his versatility by crafting coursework for a wide array of programs, ranging from K-12 education to professional fields such as accounting, dental implants, marine biology, computer science, film, and media. His impact extends globally, collaborating with renowned organizations such as Canva, Microsoft, NCCE, and iSpring Solutions to foster innovation in schools. With a track record of working with over 10 thousand educators worldwide, Dr. Pauls is a true visionary in the realm of instructional design.


Innovative Projects:

Dr. Pauls’ portfolio boasts groundbreaking initiatives, notably his role in designing and developing a learning program funded by the 2020 U.S. Department of Education Emerging Innovation and Research Grant. This pioneering endeavor explores the intersection of professional learning in Minecraft, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and 21st Century Learning Design, specifically focusing on STEM outcomes for individuals with disabilities.


Content Creation Maven:

Beyond his formal roles, Dr. Pauls is a prolific content creator, utilizing platforms like YouTube and podcasts to share valuable insights and tutorials. His unique talents continue to contribute valuable innovations and accessibility for on-demand learning in educational technology.


“Dedicated to creating instructional content, my unique visual eye and mastery of creation platforms allow me to craft visually engaging materials and support documentation.” 

– Dr. John Pauls


Educator at Heart:

His unwavering dedication to teaching is at the core of Dr. Pauls’ identity. With experience ranging from being the primary teacher for K-5 students with autism or related disabilities to instructing undergraduate computer science and educational coursework at Jacksonville University, he exemplifies a commitment that extends beyond traditional boundaries. His influence reaches educators and adult learners through conference presentations and school-based coaching across the United States.

Register Now for NCCE 2024

For those eager to delve deeper into Dr. John Pauls’ world of instructional design and innovation, a visit to DrJohnPauls.com promises a treasure trove of insights, resources, and a testament to his commitment to transforming education through thoughtful and creative instructional design. 


To witness Dr. Pauls’ passion and expertise firsthand, as well as the perspectives of many other leaders in the industry, be sure to register for NCCE 2024—a golden opportunity to engage with visionary educators who continue to reshape the landscape of learning.

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