NCCE is excited to bring many of our outstanding Professional Learning Specialists to ISTE again this year. The presentations offer something for everyone! To help with planning out your session schedule I have listed all of the sessions below:

“So I created my OneNote Class Notebook…now what?”

This session will teach participants how to effectively organize a OneNote ClassNotebook by skill/standard with examples from real classroom experiences. This will ultimately lead to increased student engagement and serve as a highly effective tool for student-led conferencing, project-based learning and flipped classroom instruction.

Monday, June 25, 9:00-10:00 am

Location: W184d, Table 2

Presented by:

Megan Lipinczyk, NCCE Learning Specialist @LipEdTech

Nicole Caldwell, NCCE Learning Specialist @n_caldwellEDU


Building Empathy Through Global Communication & Collaboration

Teachers will see how global projects organized around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can encompass Common Core Standards while teaching empathy and compassion. This session will feature a live Skype meeting with educators from around the world discussing such collaborative global projects as Human Differences, Climate Change and Mirror School.

Monday, June 25, 4:30-5:30 pm

Location: W184d, Table 2

Presented by:

Tammy Dunbar, NCCE Professional Learning Specialist @TammyDunbar


Hack the Classroom: Power Tips from Power Teachers

Are you looking for powerful ways to weave technology into your classroom that you can use immediately? Join this panel of Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts for their power tips on incorporating technology across the curriculum to power up your lessons and, most importantly, student success!

Wednesday, June 27, 9-10am

Location: W184d

Presented by:

Tammy Dunbar, NCCE Professional Learning Specialist @TammyDunbar

Richard Snyder

Jeff Bradbury


Breakout with OneNote

Interested in learning how OneNote can become your ultimate organizational, note-taking, content-creation and collaboration workspace? Interested in learning how you can use OneNote and Breakout EDU together? Then this is the session for you!

Monday, June 25, 3:00–4:00 pm

Location: W184d

Presented by:

Maria Turner, Coordinator of Professional Development NCCE @turner4edu

Melinda Richwine

Creating Interactive Lessons in OneNote — But Wait, There’s More! Listen and Learn

Are you using OneNote for your classroom? Well, if you aren’t, you should be. OneNote can “house” anything. Bring your favorite lesson and let us help you use OneNote, Forms, Sway and YouTube to digitize that lesson. Be ready, because just when you think you know it, there’s more!

Tuesday, June 26, 4:45–5:45 pm

Location: W184d

Presented by:

Wanda Hill, Professional Learning Specialist @hill4tech

Creating a System for the Intentional Use of Technology

Get strategies for creating a culture of systems to integrate the effective use of technology. Participants will develop a strategic plan that provides a roadmap for support based on instructional goals, continuous improvement, student achievement and leveraging resources.

Monday, June 25, 12:00–1:00 pm

Location: W175c, Table 2

Presented by:

Lisa Bray, Professional Learning Specialist NCCE @BrayLisaM

Geri Gillespy, Professional Learning Specialist NCCE @GeriGillespy

Aimee Larsen, Professional Learning Specialist NCCE @arlarsen91

Jennifer Marshall, Professional Learning Specialist NCCE @jenmarshall0806

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