Live from NCCE events occur the first Thursday of the month through the school year. This month’s speaker is Dr. Natasha Rachell and she will be presenting “Know your Why!

A little bit about Dr. Natasha Rachell!

A former alternatively certified high school science teacher, turned science transition to teaching coach, professional learning coach, educational technology specialist, digital learning specialist, and most recently the Director of Instructional Technology (whew!) for a large metropolitan school district, Natasha believes in empowering other passionate educators to be creative in their efforts to then empower students to both visualize AND verbalize their thinking! Doing so should not be “something else” an educator HAS to do, but rather an enhancement to the amazing teaching and learning that is already taking place in their classroom! She stresses the importance of viewing the technology tool simply as the vehicle to deliver the content! She believes that classrooms should be engaging environments that allow for students to take risks, while being prepared to collaborate, communicate, think critically and be creative. Natasha takes pride in seeing the lightbulb go off during her technology trainings as educators discover and explore the “special sauce” that will transform their teaching practices!

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Natasha Rachell

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