Just as in the adult world, data privacy and data sharing are big topics in and around the students we serve in the classroom.  As we are using an increasing number of apps and website to track data, from student behavior to the hot lunch count, privacy advocates are asking good questions about what happens to that data and how it is used.

I love the podcast New Tech City from WNYC, where host Manoush Zomorodi promises to make digital personal.  She is concluding an excellent series about technology and kids and this week tackled sticky questions about student data and the proliferation of apps in the K-12 classroom.

What I find particularly interesting is that she frames the discussion around Class Dojo, a tool that appeared on many “best of” in trainings around the NCCE conference as well as in other professional development events across the nation.

This is worth your listen!

WNYC: ClassDojo: Do I Want it in My Kid’s Class?

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