Happy Monday from the Tech-Savvy Teachers!

On our radar this week… I am becoming increasingly interested in the design of objects and resources that teachers create to help engage and teach their students.  My most recent research in the area resulted in my presentation from NCCE called “Better Digital Materials with Learning Science.”  You can see my slides from that presentation here:


After that session, I was asked by a participation in the hallway where a teacher or learning designer might start in their pursuit of building better, more engaging materials.
At the start of this week, I’d like to refer you to one of the best resources available on designing clean, logical interfaces for students to learning meaningfully in a largely digital environment.
The Rapid E-Learning Blog, hosted by the development tool Articulate, is one of the best resources available for challenging yourself to build really logical and clean interfaces for students.   Although the blog is clearly an effort to build community around the specific Articulate learning tool, it is not required that you use it to access the blog and most of the information applies to any teacher, subject matter expert or course developer looking to build great digital resources.
I have been reading this blog for years and have picked up great advice on using simple design tools, like PowerPoint, to build great graphics for e-learning.  It has also upped my game significantly when designing things like PowerPoint slides to support presentations.
Some great example articles:

The blog is updated about once a week and there Tom and his team regularly share great (and free!) fonts, PowerPoint templates and direction to several other resources that you can use to built up your design library.

This week, give this blog a look-see.  It is worth your time to put this on your radar!

The Rapid E-Learning Blog

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