Good morning from Helena, Montana, the Queen City of the Rockies!  The Tech-Savvy Teachers are at our alma mater, Carroll College, the host of the Extended Learning Institute.  XLI is an annual event aimed at K-12 and higher education teachers, professors, instructional designers and others that support digital learning in and around Montana and the Pacific Northwest.

Today, we are presenting a new session, “Building Better Online and Blended Classroom Discussions by Design,” a topic they we have been working on over the last 12 months as we work with Montana Digital Academy’s faculty on pushing students to be better online discussion participants.  We strongly believe that better design and high expectations can bring much better discussion forums to online and blended learning classes everywhere!

Here are our slides:

We will be presenting an extended and enhanced version of this presentation next week at NCCE in Portland!  It is not too late to join the fun!  Also, if you are interested in bringing the Tech-Savvy Teachers to your district, region or state to discuss and design better online and blended discussions, contact our friendly professional development staff to discuss and book!

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