Please enjoy part three of this three-part series from guest blogger Melissa Hortman, NCCE Professional Learning Specialist!  Be sure to check out parts one and two.

“Quality professional learning transcends grade levels,” stated Maria Turner, Coordinator of Professional Learning (PLS) at NCCE, as a large group of NCCE Professional Learning Specialists were learning more about how they can better serve higher education. Throughout the time diving deeper into the needs of higher education, it was clear that there were no boundaries on how far their professional learning could reach. NCCE Professional Learning Specialists have one common purpose, to deliver relevant and rigorous professional learning to all educators. The important part all PLS acknowledge and value is ‘all educators’.

NCCE Professional Learning Specialist Victoria Thompson sees NCCE as bring value to higher education through:

  • Bridging the gap between K12 and higher education faculty readiness and student expectations
  • Providing guidance and support to higher education in times of transformation
  • Cultivating growth of knowledge and best practices through building collaborative environments

NCCE Professional Learning Specialists are more than just a group of trainers; they are education innovators who are passionate about connecting with others. Let’s hear from NCCE Professional Learning Specialists on innovation, passion, and empathy.

Innovation as a Bridge

Students of all ages come to expect the experience of innovation in the learning environment. Darren Clay called out that innovative instructional and lecture practices must occur from kindergarten through higher education making it important for NCCE to connect and challenge educators across the spectrum of a learner’s journey. As the different generation of students progress through their educational journey, it is important that the connection between K12 and higher education as well as the connection between technology and learning are fostered within professional learning. NCCE Professional Learning Specialists help higher education to think innovatively on how technology can support pedagogy. Aaron Hubler also shared his thoughts on this:

[bctt tweet=”I really enjoy the revelation moments when delivering professional learning! Not just the WOW about the amazing things digital tools can do, but also the connections of how it can empower students and empower learning!”]

Passion to Support Times of Transformation

Passion drives transformation. Professional Learning Specialists bring passion to every interaction they have with higher education; whether it is one-on-one or in large group trainings, passion for helping people is what sets NCCE Professional Learning Specialists apart. When asked why she likes delivering professional learning, Charity Nix stated, “I love to assist in helping professionals reach their potential that they may not have been aware that they could achieve.” When you attend a NCCE professional learning session, PLS will empower you to think critically about the use of technology into your practice and help you actively integrate new skills into your practice. Higher education can unlock their potential by leveraging passionate Professional Learning Specialists at NCCE.

Empathy to Cultivate Growth

With varied backgrounds, knowledge, and expertise, Professional Learning Specialists have “day jobs” in the trenches which give them a very unique perspective when delivering professional learning to other educators who are in similar trenches. Josh Ehret said it best:

[bctt tweet=”When you feel overwhelmed, it can be easy to forget your why. Professional learning sessions help you to rekindle your passion for learning, collaborate and grow with others about the profession, learn effective strategies, and efficient uses of campus resources.”]

As Professional Learning Specialists have a similar “why” to those in higher education, they can connect to higher education in a unique way. PLSs are “people-first” people who are naturally supportive to all educators and learners across the educational spectrum. When support comes from a place of empathy, true growth can be cultivated.

Professional Learning Specialists Build Lasting Capacity

NCCE has built a 30-year reputation on delivering quality professional learning. What sets NCCE apart is that NCCE has focused on delivering professional learning which transcends grade levels. NCCE Professional Learning Specialists are incredibly talented educators and administrators across the country who are passionate about intentionally weaving in technology into teaching, learning, and professional processes across the spectrum of education. Shannon Davenport, Director of Professional Learning at NCCE, shared,

[bctt tweet=”NCCE’s focus on servant leadership, collective commitment to growth, and the application of leveraging educational technology to reach the unique needs of faculty and students in Higher Education allows our professional learning specialists to support and build lasting capacity in each institution we serve.”]

As higher education institution’s build capacity through quality professional learning, they can more effectively inspire the next generation of learners.

Victoria Thompson, Darren Clay, Aaron Hubler, Charity Nix, and Josh Ehret are all NCCE Professional Learning Specialists.

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